About me


For most of my working life I've worked in IT, primarily in web development having tried my hand at most aspects of what it takes to build usable, accessible websites and web applications. I've worked in the SME, corporate, public and charitable sectors with varying degrees of responsibility which has given me insight to a broad range of working practice culminating in a calm, balanced and objective approach to work.

To summarise my core skill set I would say I am a C# .Net developer. My skills have grown with the technology from the days where static brochureware sites were common place up to the present day where most organisations IT systems have some form of browser based interface or http API. Starting out using tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop, I have progressed with technology learning CSS, JavaScript, classic ASP, SQL Server and moving on to ASP.Net Web Forms and MVC. This is just an overview of my skills progression, sufficed to say there’s plenty of other languages and frameworks I've used along the way.


When it comes to relaxing I mainly enjoy the usual things, reading, movies, listening to music etc. One of my favourite pastimes is scouring the web for tunes from dj mixes back in the 90s; a time when it was difficult to find out what it was you were listening to unless you hung out in record shops. Being a big fan of the great outdoors I like cycling, walking and to go camping; you can’t beat sitting round a bonfire under the stars.


I'm into most sports, particularly football, which I still play occasionally, and am an avid Liverpool FC fan; I've also done some circus performance (fire juggling) in the past which I still practice although I don’t perform any more. I do still try to keep fit and do some form of exercise on a regular basis. I'm partial to a quiz and like to think that I'm quite knowledgeable and would be an asset to any quiz team.